About MBHT

_nWe, the MBHT, are a small group in Port Elizabeth made up of Architects, Historians, Designers, Tourism, Property Investors and other interested parties that combined afford the Metro a wealth of experience with heritage matters.
Our principle aims are to protect and educate the citizens of the Metro regarding heritage, its value to us and why it is important.
Protect: any buildings and places in the area that are of particular heritage merit. This may include details, design, materials and even street scapes from any era past. Also, we think about heritage being more than just about buildings and architectures. We also think historical and social associations and the natural environment are important heritage considerations.
Educate: the general public on the importance of maintenance and protection of their heritage properties – be they commercial, industrial , or residential. We also are interested in creating awareness about issues such as history, culture, museums and tourism.
These are such things as good architecture and good building practice and it is these principles that we would like to see developed. The integration of new and old is a very important aspect to consider if we are not to see a whole lot of ‘pastiche’ going up around us.
Alterations, additions, and demolitions are on the rise and a number of very important and beautiful buildings have been lost over time due to work being undertaken without the relevant permission in place. These permissions do exist. They exist for a reason and they need to be policed which is where we have an interest.
We are open to and welcome consultation with land and building owners who wish to make changes to the original structures. Unknown too many this means any building over 60 years of age.
We meet monthly to discuss various buildings at risk, good, sound renovations being undertaken and submissions that may have come in for our comments. We try to engage with authorities regarding heritage awareness and projects that we undertake.
Being that a number of our members also sit on the permit committee of the provincial authority that oversees heritage management in the province, the eastern Cape Provincial Heritage Resources Authority (ECPHRA), which is the body who issue the permits for permission for change, we have found it beneficial for all parties for the MBHT to be included in the process. We can be contacted with a view to comments and guidance on submissions to ECPHRA, and for which we issue letters of recommendation – albeit sometimes with conditions that serve to improve and protect.